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Amperon Forecasting Analytics

Our AI-powered forecasting solutions let you track, plan and optimize your energy needs for the evolving power markets.

Amperon provides AI-powered electricity forecasting and analytics solutions for every electron on the grid. With best-in-class data management infrastructure and consistent AI/ML models at its core, Amperon improves grid reliability, manages financial risk, optimizes renewables, and accelerates decarbonization.

Amperon Forecasting Analytics
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Market Continuity

Avoid time-consuming ad-hoc requests after entering an energy market.

Time2Market offers a complete market management package to ensure you spend minimal time on fulfilling administrative requirements toward the markets you are already trading.

Please note that Market Continuity is only available for markets which Time2Market has provided market access to, as we cannot guarantee the quality of the entry service otherwise.

Market Continuity
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Access Services - Energy Markets

Energy Market Partners - not just another market entry service provider!

Once you have identified an opportunity, you are already behind. That’s why, we are always one step ahead. We analyze the market and present a clear strategy based on the most promising potential, while factoring in when, how and in which order you will secure the best results with your unique setup in mind. We offer solutions for all the European and North American power and gas markets.

Access Services - Energy Markets
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eZ-Ops | Automated Trading Solution

With its user-friendly interface, available algorithms and vast range of parameters, you can easily optimise your intraday positions and available flexibilities.

Energy One's comprehensive suite of trading modules empowers companies to seamlessly automate their trading activities across Auction bidding and Continuous markets. As a leading Independent Software Vendor (ISV) serving multiple exchanges, we also offer full integration with our advanced scheduling modules, enabling our clients to concentrate on their unique needs and strategic goals, letting the system manage all the nominations requirements and technical connections with NEMOs.

eZ-Ops | Automated Trading Solution
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CargoMetrics Maritime Emissions - EU ETS Carbon Tracker

Better-Built Data.

The CargoMetrics Maritime Emissions - EU ETS Carbon Tracker reports daily tons of maritime carbon (CO2) emissions that are subject to the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), the world’s leading greenhouse gas trading scheme. The Maritime Emissions - EU ETS Carbon Tracker is derived from our industry leading digital representation of the physical characteristics and real-world operation of vessels.

CargoMetrics Maritime Emissions - EU ETS Carbon Tracker


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