4. Edition | Data Insights | Sep 2022

Data Insights | September 2022

Making better decisions by using reliable data and price signals
Clean energy investments are playing an increasing role and enterprises are looking for solutions that create the most comprehensive picture. As a major player in commodity markets, EEX believes in sustainability and is helping its customers by providing reliable market data and price signals.
In this newsletter, we want to present data solutions to the challenges of sustainable growth and decarbonisation – both from our partners and EEX Group. In particular, we will shed some light on how EEX Data is used for sustainability projects and take a closer look at the partnership between EEX and Tycho Solutions.
In case you would like to learn more about our offering, and how it provides value to your business, feel free to contact our market data team.
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DataSource for sustainable indices
Tycho Solutions brings transparency into hydrogen markets
New partners on InsightCommodity
Partner in spotlight: PowerBot @ InsightCommodity as first ISV
Meet us @ Wind Energy Hamburg
EEX Group Excellence Award
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DataSource for sustainable indices
Sustainable business models are increasingly becoming part of the global economy. Believing in sustainable commodity markets, EEX develops products and services to support this development. In providing market data, EEX generates the foundation for transparency. The demand for indices based on EEX Group market data, especially for emission allowances, is constantly increasing. EEX Group market data forms the basis for, e.g., the SparkChange Physical Carbon EUA ETC and the Zero Carbon Freight Index (ZCFI).
SparkChange Physical Carbon EUA ETC (ISIN XS2353177293) is the world’s first exchange-traded product physically-backed by European Emissions Allowances. The EEX market data on physical EU Carbon Allowance prices is used as the basis from which the NAV of the SparkChange ETC is calculated and published.
“Meeting global climate goals requires a drastic cut to future emissions and acting sooner creates greater environmental and economic benefits.” says Elliot Waxman, CEO of SparkChange
With the Zero Carbon Freight Index (ZCFI), EEX enables customers to better understand the decarbonisation process in shipping. The info product index which was launched in 2021 shows the potential “cost effect” on freight prices. Price information is taken from the highly liquid EEX Dry Freight FFA market and the EEX EUA Futures market to create a daily “Zero Carbon FFA” rate.
Create your own sustainable index based on EEX Group market data! Get in touch with the Information Services Team.
Tycho Solutions brings transparency into hydrogen markets
Tycho Solutions and EEX have entered into a partnership to enhance transparency in the hydrogen markets. While Tycho continues to expand its offering geographically and qualitatively in Europe, EEX increasingly complements its already well-established offering in the energy sector with hydrogen transparency initiatives to support the market ramp-up.
“The Hydrogen market today is in its early stages and we aim to give participants the visibility they need to start accelerating their growth. Together with EEX we are working on implementing a price transparency tool. Our ultimate goal is to be a driving force in the decarbonisation of the global energy ecosystem.” says Felipe González, co-founder & CEO of Tycho.
Tycho Solutions, a start-up from Mexico founded in 2020, offers companies data-driven services that are designed to accelerate the path to a cleaner, more equitable, and more sustainable world in sectors with a significant CO2 footprint.
The Mexico City-based company provides the Nova and Quadrant information platforms. They are easy to use and offer immediate access to all the natural and built-environment information required to make investment decisions.
  • Location and capacity of hydrogen and renewable energy plants
  • Information on the growing hydrogen market and related sectors
  • Business intelligence tool with intuitive dashboards and visualisation tools showing information
  • Features information on existing electrical infrastructure of a geographic area
  • Provides information on environmental and social land ownership
  • Enables clean energy developers to make investment decisions faster and with greater accuracy
New partners on InsightCommodity
InsightCommodity provides a digital community to the energy industry. We are pleased to welcome several new partners on InsightCommodity. Glad to have you aboard!
> Become part of our community here.
Partner in spotlight: PowerBot @ InsightCommodity as first ISV
PowerBot is a high-performance and high-availability microservice for algorithmic trading and machine learning applications at European intraday power exchanges. PowerBot comes with performant, AI-powered standard trading strategies, an easy-to-use development framework for custom algorithms, a Kubernetes-based cloud deployment for algorithms and back-testing capabilities. Due to the open design and a large partner network, PowerBot integrates very well with any ETRM and optimisation software.
Request a free demo and have a look at what makes PowerBot different and better. If you need an automated trading solution that just works and is easy to integrate, PowerBot is a fantastic fit. And if you want to implement custom prop trading algorithms, you will be excited to see the workload PowerBot takes off your shoulders so that you can focus on what matters: the trading strategy.
What can subscribers expect?
  • Modern web dashboard and API access for all users
  • API-first microservice architecture hosted in the Amazon AWS cloud
  • Designed for high availability and high performance
  • AI-powered standard trading strategies
  • Custom algorithm framework and deployment tools, as well as back-testing possibilities
  • Extensive API documentation and knowledge base with tutorials and videos
  • Monthly subscription model
Would you like to know more about PowerBot? Book a demo here.
Meet us @ Wind Energy Hamburg 2022 
WHEN: 27 - 29 September
WHERE: Wind Energy Hamburg Hall A1, Stand #400

EEX Group Excellence Award
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