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4Cast GmbH & Co. KG Precise yield forecasts - intraday, day-ahead and long-term forecasts. 4cast creates power and yield forecasts of wind power and solar systems based on a machine learning algorithm. This gives you a realistic estimate of how much energy your wind or solar farm will produce within the day, the next day or over a longer period of time. We provide these forecasts as individual and demand-driven packages. Show more Superior Analytics, A Partner You Can Trust. Founded in 2016, is an industry leader in analytic solutions for energy and commodity companies. Specializing in Total Portfolio Analysis, cQuant’s cloud-native SaaS platform simulates all risk factors, optimizes portfolio decisions, and includes dynamic reports and dashboards for better decision making. cQuant’s customers have greater insight into their financial forecasts and the drivers of value and risk in their business. Show more Datapred Datapred is a digital twin for buyers of energy and raw materials. Datapred helps buyers make decisions that are externally (markets) and internally (operations) consistent, by providing a safe, connected space where they can test and monitor energy and raw material buying and hedging strategies. Datapred is a Gartner Cool Vendor, a SpendMatters Top 50 Company to Watch, a Laureate of the Swiss Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), and won Airbus’s worldwide machine learning challenge in 2019. Show more Dexter Energy Dexter Energy is a leading provider of AI-based renewable power generation forecasting and trade optimization products for the short-term energy markets. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Amsterdam. Their customers include innovative energy companies like Axpo, Greenchoice, GigaStorage, NieuweStroom, Scholt Energy, and Pure Energie. Show more EEX Group EEX Group is providing market platforms and clearing houses for energy and commodity products across the globe. EEX Group is a group of specialised companies providing market platforms for energy and commodity products across the globe. The offering of the group comprises contracts for Energy, Environmentals, Freight, Metals and Agriculturals. The group offers market access and tailor-made solutions to trading participants as well as integrated process handling with its own clearing houses. The companies belonging to the group are specialised for the different markets and provide on-site support for their customers. EEX Group is based in 17 worldwide locations and is part of Deutsche Börse Group. The European Energy Exchange (EEX) is the leading energy exchange in Europe which develops, operates and connects secure, liquid and transparent markets for energy and related products. As part of EEX Group, EEX offers contracts on Power and Emission Allowances as well as Freight and Agricultural Products. Show more enercast enercast is a leading technology provider for weather-based artificial intelligence and the digital transformation of renewable energy.Its self-learning SaaS products deliver accurate power generation forecasts for wind and solar plants, thus enabling the integration of renewable energy into power grids and energy markets worldwide. The enercast platform supplies the digital actors of the emerging decentralized energy system with the intelligence they need to manage limited resources with foresight. Show more energate energate is the leading daily news provider for the German speaking energy sector. Since 2000 energate offers the latest news in both online and print format and publishes newsletters, print magazines, websites and apps. With one of the largest team of German speaking energy journalists, energate covers the German, Swiss and Austrian market with its reporters located in Essen (DE), Berlin (DE), Olten (CH), Brussels (BE) and Vienna (AT). In addition to the publications from the publishing house, energate also provides corporate publishing products for your company or your clients, both online and in print format. As part of the conenergy group energate is well connected in the German and European energy market for more than 20 years. Show more EnergyMarketPrice Digitizing the energy market landscape. With 29 passionate energy kids in our family serving more than 250 clients around Europe, we do participate actively in the transition of the energy market. By continuous development we do not miss any chance to surprise our clients. We don’t follow the market, we disrupt the way you buy and sell energy. Companies who enjoy our solutions are energy suppliers, procurement consultans and consultants in renewable energy. Show more enermarket So far, finding a new energy provider has been a tedious process for business customers since the contracts are always negotiated bilaterally. After customers have entered information on their industry, the delivery period and consumption, enermarket provides a comparison of energy prices and product details for the different suppliers. Then, customers can select the most suitable offer and order the product directly from the energy supplier. As a result, this new portal offers small and medium-sized business customers speed and transparency in the procurement process without any additional costs for an energy consultant. enermarket is based in Frankfurt and was founded in 2018. Show more EuroWind The EuroWind GmbH helps power traders to anticipate the risk of renewables energy on the spot price by providing them with wind and solar power forecasts and actual data within 25 European countries. The data are produced by professional meteorologists - your guarantee for highly accurate forecasts. As a leading expert in renewables power forecasting the data from EuroWind are not only broadly published but also used and trusted by major European TSOs. Take a 30-day free trial. Click the “trial” button on our service pages to request your free trial and see EuroWind’s power forecasting in action. Show more e*star TRADE THE WAY YOU WANT. e*star is a certified Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for key energy exchanges like EEX, EPEX Spot and other platforms. Show more GMSL Your Partner for Energy Nominations. GMSL is the market leader in gas & power scheduling software, 24/7 managed services and communications for the energy trading industry. From our off­ice in Cambridge, we work with more than 80 leading energy companies across over 30 gas and power markets, streamlining business processes. Show more ISPEX Your support on business energy solutions and energy management: record, reduce, purchase, produce, refund. Since 2006, ISPEX advises companies and public clients on questions about energy management with a straight focus on energy purchasing, market observation and energy data management. Our goal is to prepare decision-makers as best as possible for the challenges and changes in the energy market. We provide an essential basis for business decisions and share our expert knowledge at webinars and workshops. We advise primarily in the German market and support customers with locations in other European countries with efficient network partners. Show more KELER CCP KELER CCP is leading central counterparty in the Central-Eastern-European region with the most widespread range of asset classes licenced under EMIR. More than 20 years of experience providing clearing services on both capital and energy markets ensures that KELER CCP is able to provide clearing services on the highest level of quality. With the uniqueness of becoming one of the General Clearing Members of ECC as an EMIR licensed CCP among the largest global Clearing Banks, KELER CCP provides reach for its Non-Clearing Members to the biggest European Energy markets since 2010. Our passion is to unleash the potential of energy traders, our Clients, offering creative solutions and to enable them accomplishing their objectives. We want to stay on the edge of innovation to seek perfection. Show more Key to Energy Key to Energy is a leading consulting firm, a highly specialised “boutique” entirely focused on the energy industry, with a specialisation in the power, gas and renewables sectors. Show more MetDesk With decades of forecasting experience and an unrivalled knowledge of how atmospheric processes can influence commodity pricing, MetDesk are moving the provision of weather data to a new level. MetDesk offers the fastest, most creative and flexible range of weather services available to trading desks today. Speed and accuracy of data for the latest global datasets as well as control over how relevant information is presented is essential. Our global offering provides a range of unique services for energy traders in a highly detailed, yet customisable service. MetDesk’s forecast tools are specifically designed to give quick and reliable advice, helping energy traders and forecasting teams make decisions about weather impacted assets such as natural gas, electricity and oil. Whether you are a meteorologist, trader, or risk manager we have the tools to provide you the edge. Show more Mintec We empower our customers to better understand supplier prices, analyse their spend and more effectively control their costs. Mintec enables the world's largest food and manufacturing brands to implement more efficient and sustainable procurement strategies. We do this through our cutting-edge SaaS platform, Mintec Analytics, which delivers market prices and analysis for thousands of commodities, food ingredients and associated materials. Our data and tools empower our customers to understand prices better, analyse their spend and negotiate with confidence. Show more Montel Montel is a key provider of analytics, forecasts, market data and news in the European wholesale markets. Established in Oslo in 1989, Montel was integral to the evolution of liberalised power markets. Today, the Montel Group encompasses five companies which offer complementary services for analysts, brokers, traders, risk managers, as well as power plant operators and developers. Pick and choose from our wide range of information services which either require a simple login, or which integrate fully with your company’s database solutions and risk management systems. Show more PowerBot PowerBot is a certified ISV (Independent Software Vendor) at EPEX Spot, Nord Pool and various other European energy exchanges. which focuses on easy and performant automation of energy trading. The Vienna based company is a spin-off of an Austrian energy market consultancy and was founded by experienced energy market experts. PowerBot delivers a service based on cutting-edge technology with data scientists and quantitative analysts in mind. Its vision is to continue to drive innovation in the field of algorithmic energy trading and to act as an enabler for the power markets of the future. Show more Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE) Power Exchange Central Europe, a.s. (PXE) is an energy exchange specialising in the energy markets of the Central and Southeastern Europe. Show more StormGeo A leading analysis house delivering energy market insights. StormGeo is a leading global provider of advanced analytics and meteorological services, delivering critical decision support for weather sensitive operations. StormGeo Nena Analysis is a leading analysis house delivering energy market insights. Nena Analysis provides price prognoses and fundamental market analysis to major utilities and trading entities. Show more Time2Market Comprehensive market access services for participants in the energy industry. At Time2Market, we provide market access services for participants in the energy industry. In the face of the perpetually changing market conditions, Time2Market delivers solutions to maximize your company’s long-term benefits. Time2Market allows you to outsource the time-consuming tasks by taking the administrative responsibilities off your shoulders, hence maximizing your existing capabilities to the fullest. Show more UniCredit Bank AG UniCredit is a pan-European Commercial Bank with a unique service offering in Italy, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe. We serve over fifteen million clients in a cohesive manner, connecting them to our thirteen banks. Our purpose is to empower communities to progress, delivering best-in-class products and services to all stakeholders, whilst unlocking the potential of our clients and our people. Show more Volue Volue is a leading supplier of technology and enabler of the green transition. We offer software, insight and systems that lead the European markets’ transition to robust and sustainable services critical for society. Our market-leading products optimise energy production, trading, distribution and consumption, as well as infrastructure and construction projects. Show more Whiffle Precision Weather Forecasting. Whiffle is a leading provider of high-resolution weather forecasting solutions that makes renewable energy production more predictable. Whiffle offers the world’s first operational weather model based on Large Eddy Simulation (LES). The calculations are run on graphic processing units (GPUs), allowing local turbulence and underlying processes and conditions in the atmosphere to be captured with unprecedented detail. Show more