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Precision Weather Forecasting.

Whiffle is a leading provider of high-resolution weather forecasting solutions that makes renewable energy production more predictable. Whiffle offers the world’s first operational weather model based on Large Eddy Simulation (LES). The calculations are run on graphic processing units (GPUs), allowing local turbulence and underlying processes and conditions in the atmosphere to be captured with unprecedented detail.

The model calculates wind speed and solar irradiation with horizontal resolutions of 10’s of meters, including all effects of the surroundings: vegetation, landscape, buildings, obstacles, wake, and blockage effects. More accurate weather forecasting lowers imbalance risk and costs for energy companies.

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Whiffle - Precision Weather Forecasting

Lowering imbalance risks through ultra high resolution weather forecasting. Whiffle offers a unique and highly accurate meteo forecasts and power generation (wind and solar) data that enables our energy trading clients to create a competitive edge.

Whiffle - Precision Weather Forecasting