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Datapred is an integrated online software for energy buyers.

Datapred helps buyers report where they are, understand market dynamics, test potential buying or hedging strategies in a safe and connected space, and optimize the execution of the strategy they have selected.

Connections to external and internal data sources, as well as powerful analysis, prediction, simulation and optimization models, ensure that buying/hedging decisions are consistent with both market and operational conditions.

Datapred is a Gartner Cool Vendor, a SpendMatters Top 50 Company to Watch, a Laureate of the Swiss Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), and won Airbus’s worldwide machine learning challenge in 2019.

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Integrated online software for energy buyers, helping them with reporting, market analysis and decision making.

Datapred brings together EEX prices and tens of relevant contextual data streams (other energy prices, stock market indices, commodity indices, weather information…) to:

> Simplify reporting for energy buyers

> Display and analyze gas, power and EUA market dynamics

> Provide visibility with price trend predictions, likely price corridors and what-if scenarios

> Quantify gas, power and EUA price drivers (past, present, future)

> Help energy buyers benchmark potential buying and hedging strategies