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Major steps towards improved transparency in the energy industry
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We understand how important data is for every-day decision making and to gain knowledge about energy markets. In our Data Insights Newsletter, we detail how we want to make such insights readily available through innovative technology solutions, a flexible licensing policy, and limited free access to selected datasets. In addition, you can learn more about our partner e*star and how we work together.
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EEX made price transparency accessible for everyone
Unveiling the importance of fundamental data in the natural gas markets
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New partners on InsightCommodity
EEX made price transparency accessible for everyone
With the growing importance of wholesale energy markets, our product portfolio, our trading participant base and thereby the number of trades have significantly increased. In order to navigate these complex markets and with more participants than ever before, there is also growing appetite to gain access to the full depth of the underlying order book. While such access is usually impeded by the hefty price tag related to IT infrastructure requirements and licensing fees, at EEX we strive to enable universal access through a variety of services.
We not only publish settlement prices openly on our website but also offer easy and affordable access through the tech we use and the design of our licensing policy.
Real-Time API for EEX Natural Gas Spot markets at an affordable price
Expensive tech solutions required by data providers could be one of the obstacles to universal access due to the need for high level initial investment. At EEX, we have opted for a WebSocket technology for our new Cloud Stream API for the EEX Natural Gas Spot markets, enabling faster connection and two-way data flow for improved customer experience. Thanks to the advantages offered by this approach, we can now provide access for a broader audience, at a lower cost.
A7 ® Analytics Platform
To further support customer capabilities, our newly integrated, cloud-based A7 ® analytics platform provides access to trading data and analytics options in a single solution. The comprehensive workbench can deliver fine details, such as historical and intraday market data with nanosecond granularity, available for all EEX derivatives market products on an order-by-order basis.
Licensing fees, the financial obligations by data recipients, can be a further hurdle to data access. At EEX, we offer a licensing structure that aims to lower costs by minimising reporting obligations while providing users with a wide range of usage options.
We, at EEX, endeavour to allow access to the energy markets for everyone. And not only by publishing settlement prices on our website, but also through our choice of technology platforms and the design of our licensing policy.

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Unveiling the importance of
fundamental data in the natural gas markets
In the fast-paced world of energy trading, transparency plays a crucial role in ensuring fair and efficient markets. In the field of natural gas for instance, gas production and consumption are key factors significantly influencing market dynamics. Gas producers need to accurately estimate the demand for gas and adjust their production levels accordingly. Similarly, gas consumers, such as power plants and industrial facilities, rely on accurate information about availability of gas supplies and pricing, in order to plan their operations effectively.
To ensure this accuracy for both sides, a wide range of data could be considered. One of those is transmission data, which provides details on the infrastructure used to transport gas from production sites to consumers. By analysing transmission data, market participants can identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies in the transport network and take appropriate measures to mitigate them.
For over a decade, EEX Transparency Platform has been providing comprehensive data on the capacity, usage and availability of gas, transmission, and consumption assets on the various natural gas market. In order to enable our stakeholders to make more informed decisions and better understand the dynamics of these markets, we recently added new data sets on gas production in the Netherlands, Finland, and Denmark. With this, we now offer data on nine markets, including Lithuania, Latvia, Finland and beyond.
Do not miss the opportunity to access the complete EEX Transparency Data Natural Gas free of charge until the end of 2024.
Partner in spotlight:
The rise of renewable energy sources and improvements in nuclear availability are expected to reduce the demand for gas-fired power generation in established markets. Additionally, geopolitical tensions, shipping limitations, delays in LNG projects, and adverse weather conditions could potentially rekindle market tensions and lead to price fluctuations. By adopting a more profitable energy profile, organisations can strengthen their operational structures, safeguard their revenue streams, and achieve their growth objectives.
e*star Energy Trader (eet) is an innovative multi-market trading application that is revolutionising the trading of energy commodities such as power, gas, coal, oil, and emission allowances. Developed by industry experts, it utilises cutting-edge technology to offer a secure, efficient, and transparent solution, particularly designed for the energy market. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, e*star provides traders with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of the energy market and make informed trading decisions. Whether it's monitoring market trends, analysing data, executing trades, or developing your own customised trading algorithms, e*star Energy Trading Suite empowers traders to stay ahead in this dynamic industry. One of the key advantages of e*star is its ability to provide real-time market insights and analytics. In conclusion, the energy markets are undergoing significant changes, and organisations need innovative solutions to navigate these complexities.
Key features

  • Sophisticated and highly customisable energy trading screen
  • Reduced complexity when trading on multiple markets
  • Intraday and historical charting with various chart types and technical indicators
  • All venue order types and attributes are supported
  • Automated order types like Hidden, Trailing, Stop, Iceberg orders
Would you like to learn more about e*star Energy Trading Suite? Check out InsightCommodity or book your demo.
New partners on InsightCommodity
We are pleased to welcome several new partners on InsightCommodity. Glad to have you aboard!

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