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Webservice for algorithmic trading at European power intraday markets

PowerBot is a certified ISV (Independent Software Vendor) at EPEX Spot, Nord Pool and various other European energy exchanges. The Vienna based company is a spin-off of an Austrian energy market consultancy and was founded by experienced energy market experts. PowerBot delivers software based on cutting-edge technology with data scientists and quantitative analysists in mind. Its vision is to continue to drive innovation in the field of algorithmic energy trading and to act as an enabler for the power markets of the future.

Website www.powerbot-trading.com
Phone +43 720 9000 18
E-Mail office@powerbot-trading.com

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PowerBot Algotrader

PowerBot is a high-performance and high-availability microservice for algorithmic trading and machine learning applications at European intraday power exchanges. PowerBot comes with performant AI-powered standard trading strategies, an easy-to-use development framework for custom algorithms, cloud deployment technology for your own strategies and backtesting capabilities.

PowerBot Algotrader