5. Edition | Data Insights | May 2023

Data Insights | May 2023
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Whether regulatory or not, data determines our everyday lives - both in business and in our private lives.
In order to understand current developments, a complete insight into data is essential. We strive to meet this responsibility every day.
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Improved outlook on the electricity and gas markets – Keep updated!
Both the wholesale price of electricity and gas have seen a decline since their respective highs in August 2022.
In addition to the seasonal decline in demand for electricity, the predicted lower gas-fired power generation at constant gas prices and an expected increase in solar power feed-in are just a few reasons for the current price development.
The situation is similar for gas. With the onset of spring, heating demand decreases, gas storage facilities are fuller than on average and a supply shortage can be ruled out. New LNG supply contracts are increasingly stabilising the situation, which in turn has an impact on prices.
For electricity and gas contract pricing, transactions are often initiated on the forward market in order to secure supplies over the long term. Seasonal as well as economic-political conditions have an impact on price developments and are mutually dependent.
If you want more insights into the features of our DataSource, keep an eye on our Data Insights. Interested in EEX market data? – Then check out our data services via our EEX Group DataSource website!
Bringing Transparency into the nascent Hydrogen Market
As a commodity exchange, EEX is particularly committed to sustainability. This is reflected not only in our earlier products, such as wind futures, or in the current offering, but also in the development of new markets. Here, the focus is on promoting transparency – together with our market participants (for their benefit). You can find more details in our one-pager “HYDRIX: First Market-Based Index for Hydrogen”.
From the start, HYDRIX will be launched for green hydrogen in Germany and can be expanded to further market areas or qualities of hydrogen. This is calculated from realised prices sourced from supply contracts, as well as price assessments.
Since green hydrogen is not yet actively traded, HYDRIX offers price transparency in this emerging but currently opaque market. This is our contribution, as EEX, to support the market ramp-up. In doing so, HYDRIX will become steadily more accurate with each additional price estimate.
Let’s build a hydrogen-market together! If you are interested in becoming a hydrogen-supporter, please contact Peter Mock.
Partner in Spotlight:
Datapred @ InsightCommodity
“Datapred is an online software with a new take on energy and commodity procurement. Using AI, Datapred helps buyers of gas, power and EUAs with reporting, market analysis and decision making.” - Thomas Oriol | Co-founder & Director | Datapred
Let's face it, we are probably in a 20-year cycle of high and volatile energy prices. When markets are stable, long-term contracts are a no-brainer. Their low maintenance costs far outweigh the risk of not fixing the price at its absolute low. Volatile energy markets have a significant drawback for term-based contracts. They prevent buyers from taking advantage of short-term price opportunities. Even super-strong uptrends will have moments of weakness, as we have seen many times recently with European emission allowances.
Datapred provides an efficient and affordable solution to support decision making. It helps energy-intensive companies choose the right buying or hedging strategy and optimize its execution on an ongoing basis. Connections to external and internal data sources, as well as powerful analysis, forecasting, simulation, and optimization models, ensure that buying/hedging decisions are consistent with both market and operational conditions.
  • Reporting: keep track of energy transactions and automate the corresponding PnL calculations
  • Market analysis: price forecasts, price drivers, what-if market scenarios
  • Decision support: continuously benchmark the buying or hedging strategies you are considering
Datapred is a Gartner Cool Vendor, a SpendMatters Top 50 Company to Watch, a Laureate of the Swiss Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT) and won Airbus’s worldwide machine learning challenge in 2019.
Would you like to learn more about Datapred? Book a demo here.
New Partners in InsightCommodity
We are pleased to welcome several new partners to InsightCommodity. Glad to have you aboard!


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