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Forecasting the energy transition.

Amperon is the leading analytics and forecasting company for the energy transition. Founded in 2018, the co-founders fused the best-of-breed from the energy (power trader at leading power generators and financials) and technology (data science and engineering at scaling tech companies) sectors to create a company that is dedicated to supporting grid reliability, risk management, and sustainability.

With the increase of renewable energy resources, shifts in load growth, and an increase in extreme weather events, power markets need AI-powered models that can process all of this new information – 15-minute meter data, weather locations, behind-the-meter devices, etc – on an hourly basis to provide the most accurate forecasts available. Amperon provides forecasts for energy demand, generation, and renewables – at the grid all the way down to the meter level.

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Amperon Forecasting Analytics

Our AI-powered forecasting solutions let you track, plan and optimize your energy needs for the evolving power markets.

Amperon provides AI-powered electricity forecasting and analytics solutions for every electron on the grid. With best-in-class data management infrastructure and consistent AI/ML models at its core, Amperon improves grid reliability, manages financial risk, optimizes renewables, and accelerates decarbonization.

Amperon Forecasting Analytics