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5. Edition | Data Insights | May 2023

Topics of the fifth edition:

> Improved outlook on the electricity and gas markets

> Bringing Transparency into the nascent Hydrogen Market

> Partner in Spotlight: Datapred @ InsightCommodity

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4. Edition | Data Insights | Sep 2022

Topics of the fourth edition:

> Making better decisions by using reliable data and price signals

> DataSource for sustainable indices

> Tycho Solutions brings transparency into hydrogen markets

> Partner in Spotlight: PowerBot @ InsightCommodity

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3. Edition | Data Insights | Apr 2022

Topics of the third edition:

> Driving sustainable markets through information

> DataSource: Transparency in sustainability

> EEX Transparency Platform: Increasing transparency in the renewables sector through partnership with OutSmart

> Partner in Spotlight: EnergyMarketPrice @ InsightCommodity

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2. Edition | Data Insights | Oct 2021

Topics of the second edition:

> Increasing Market Transparency in a Constantly Changing Business

> DataSource - Customised Solutions for the Disclosure of Pricing

> EEX Transparency Platform - Increasing offshore capacity for Belgium and The Netherlands

> Partner Spotlight: energate @ InsightCommodity

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1. Edition | Data Insights | Aug 2021

Topics of the first edition:

> Welcome Data Insights!

> DataSource Desktop App - Making Complex Data Simple

> EEX Transparency Platform - Greater Market Coverage in Renewables

> InsightCommodity - Our Digital Community for Commodities

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