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Power Exchange Central Europe, a.s. (PXE) is an energy exchange specialising in the energy markets of the Central and Southeastern Europe.

PXE was established on 8 January 2007 (under the name of the Prague Energy Exchange) and from 17 July 2007 it began offering electricity trading in the Czech Republic, including settlement. PXE then expanded its activities to other countries and also started to organise natural gas trading with a delivery point in the Czech Republic. In 2016, PXE became part of the EEX Group.

Website www.pxe.cz
E-Mail info@pxe.cz

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PXE Price Index

Track wholesale prices from 19 markets across Europe.

The PXE Price Index app displays the current BID and ASK prices for power and gas, so you're always sure to see the best current price.

PXE Price Index