KELER CCP is leading central counterparty in the Central-Eastern-European region with the most widespread range of asset classes licenced under EMIR. More than 20 years of experience providing clearing services on both capital and energy markets ensures that KELER CCP is able to provide clearing services on the highest level of quality. With the uniqueness of becoming one of the General Clearing Members of ECC as an EMIR licensed CCP among the largest global Clearing Banks, KELER CCP provides reach for its Non-Clearing Members to the biggest European Energy markets since 2010. Our passion is to unleash the potential of energy traders, our Clients, offering creative solutions and to enable them accomplishing their objectives. We want to stay on the edge of innovation to seek perfection.

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General Clearing Member (GCM) service for energy markets cleared by ECC.

KELER CCP is a complex service provider from the heart of the CEE region, having an EMIR licence as a CCP and a GCM status by ECC as well for more than 10 years. We are here to support you with all our expertise in the clearing industry we accumulated since the foundation in 2008. KELER CCP offers clearing of spot and intraday power, power futures, CO2, GOO, spot gas and gas futures products on the following trading venues: EEX, EPEXSPOT, HUDEX, HUPX, NOREXECO, SEEPEX and SEMOpx.