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energate is the leading daily news provider for the German speaking energy sector.

Since 2000 energate offers the latest news in both online and print format and publishes newsletters, print magazines, websites and apps. With one of the largest team of German speaking energy journalists, energate covers the German, Swiss and Austrian market with its reporters located in Essen (DE), Berlin (DE), Olten (CH), Brussels (BE) and Vienna (AT).

In addition to the publications from the publishing house, energate also provides corporate publishing products for your company or your clients, both online and in print format.

As part of the conenergy group energate is well connected in the German and European energy market for more than 20 years.

Website www.energate.de
Phone +49 201 1022-500
E-Mail kundenservice@energate.de

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energate messenger+

energate messenger+ informs specialist in the energy market with daily news and market data. The digital service provides subscribers all relevant news of the entire energy sector in addition with in-depth information. The independent service includes a daily newsletter (HTML & PDF), a website and an app. With more than 100.000 news items covering more than 20 years of history users can access the largest source of energy information.

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