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Excellence in forecasting.

Because renewable energies are variable, forecasts are essential for traders on the spot market to balance their renewable energy portfolio and optimize profits. With 13 years of experience, our know-how has been rewarded several times and our expertise has been refined for the qualitative support of our customers. As a leader in cloud cover observation and forecasting, we offer a clear overview of the amount of solar and wind power production available in the next minutes, hours, days, and weeks thanks to our competent team of experts.

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HourCast™ & DayCast™ - Solar and Wind Forecasting Services

Solar and wind forecasts for the next minutes, hours and days. HourCast™ and DayCast™ are tools for hour-ahead and day-ahead solar and wind forecasts, available for any site or a portfolio of solar farms or wind farms, that can be quickly deployed.

HourCast™ & DayCast™ - Solar and Wind Forecasting Services