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price[it] offers powerful tools for players in the energy market. We start where trading begins!

price[it] has more than 10 years of experience in supporting specialized departments around energy trading. We help to make central value-added chains at financially relevant points economically efficient with modern technologies and to keep the daily business up to date.

Our focus is on the provision of services related to our core competencies: from our popular PFCs to valuations based on the latest financial mathematics findings, we provide the specialized departments of utilities, dealers and manufacturers with decision support time series, price models and optimization cores.

Due to an efficient company structure, modular product combination possibilities and very close customer contact, we particularly recommend our innovative strength in the products combined with practical relevance and a high degree of flexibility in order to be able to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Data Services:

  • (D/H/Q) PFCS for Gas and Electricity
  • EPEX-Spot price forecasts
  • Valuation and hedging for power plants and storages


  • CURVE 2 - (D/H/Q)PFC Builder & Editor
  • SHAPE 2 - Monte Carlo Pricing
  • PRICE[SIM] - Price Simulation

Our products for energy supply companies and financial service providers are based on modern approaches in the following areas:

  • Forecasts and Forward Curves for Power & Gas
  • Stochastic Cross-Commodity-Futures Models/Simulations
  • Deterministic and stochastic dynamic optimization methods ((S)DP).
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Price Forward Curves

Settlement and Intraday.

One focus of our services is the reliable supply of our customers with high-quality PFCs as data service. Use our service to have PFCs at your disposal at any time without effort. All information is created with our professional tools and thoroughly checked for accuracy. This professional service is rounded off by a sophisticated data supply system and an expertly supervised process flow.

Forward curves divide gas and power futures prices for flat delivery profiles into individual days and hours, respectively. They thus play a central role in the tendering and generation of the income desired by the energy supplier or in the post-calculation of supply by energy-intensive customers or traders.

High-quality price forward curves are also an important factor in determining the value of generation capacity and its deployment planning. price[it] offers you competent support in the area of Price Forward Curves to deal with current topics proactively and quickly.

Don‘t worry about tedious analysis and development processes anymore!

Price Forward Curves