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Courses to meet obligatory training requirements.

Market Abuse Centre (MAC) provides online education for professionals. MAC provides online (self-study) courses to meet obligatory training requirements (e.g. in the field of inside information, insider trading and market manipulation). Many regulations force organisations in scope to train or educate their employees and create awareness about the regulation and potential sanctioning in case of non-compliance. MAC offers courses which cover the minimum learning requirements. Market Abuse Centre is fixated on behaviour, or ethics and integrity. The key concepts of MAC’s content are ‘conduct’ and ‘culture’. Moreover, Market Abuse Centre facilitates the prevention and detection of misconduct by the provision of its training. Its goal is to foster integrity, accountability and taking responsibility.

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Market Abuse Training

Self-study via online learning platform.

Alike Netflix, MAC provides its entire curriculum of online courses per licence. All courses end with examination. Upon passing the candidate is certified instantly. Certificates are immediately available on the learning platform, ready for download by the learner. MAC also reports compliance officers on the proceedings. To meet regulatory requirements of periodic updates and to support continuous professional development, stand-alone annual exams are available. Our extensive curriculum is continuously being extended with additional learnings & study materials.

Market Abuse Training