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At EnAppSys, we are passionate about bringing transparency to energy markets.

We help traders, energy analysts and other stakeholders to make the best strategic decisions based on data from 32 European countries. Our insight is delivered through a fast, reliable and intuitive platform providing clear charts, customisable dashboards and API integrations. Our market data platform provides the backbone for our bespoke consultancy services. Close to the market and with access to key information, we provide your organization with the guidance it needs while considering the challenges that each market entails. EnAppSys was founded in 2003 in the UK. We gained an international foothold and opened an office in the Netherlands in 2017.

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Market Data Platform

Single data source for the European energy market.

Support your business decisions with European energy insight. We collect, consolidate and visualise all the information for you, adding value through insight and forecasts. This is made available through our intuitive and user-friendly platform with clear visualisations and API access. Choose which market(s) you want to analyse,predict or trade and get immediate access to all the energy market information and insight you need.

Market Data Platform