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Accurate power and weather data for decision-makers of renewable energy projects.

We are a leading global forecasting provider with more than 15 years of experience in advanced weather and energy forecasting. Our mission is to help our customers optimize performance and grow their businesses with the highest accuracy and quality in power and weather forecasting. We believe that through close collaboration with our business partners, we can find the best solution to fit their needs and situation.

Our core expertise includes:

> Wind & PV Power Production Forecasts
> Portfolio Analyzer (simulation of hourly production from wind & PV assets)
> Wind & PV Weather Data
> Metocean Forecasts
> Historical Weather Data (Hindcast Data)

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Website www.conwx.com
Phone +45 3535 4290
E-Mail info@conwx.com

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Wind & PV Power Production Forecasts

ConWX solar and wind power production forecasts are made with the granularity and scale that meets your specific business needs. By optimally combining weather models, we predict power output from 5 minutes to 10 days in advance at a high time resolution and with instant fine-tuning with online production data.

Wind & PV Power Production Forecasts